Kitchen Inspiration Perth

Are you planning a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation? 

Perhaps you are still in the dreaming and inspiration stage? That’s fine, you can grab some inspiration from the Anstey Cabinets’ photo gallery page 

There are photos of beautiful bathrooms, killer kitchens, lavish laundries, elegant ensuites, brilliant bench tops, and captivating cabinets! 

We are always updating the photos on our site and also on our facebook page, so make sure to follow that too for fresh inspiration.

Unless you already have a clear understanding and plan for exactly what you want, it really is worth looking at photos of other projects to see what works well together. 

You might love the look of a particular stone bench top and the colour and finish of a particular cabinet, but what do they look like when you put them together? 

We also have loads of other photos on file, that we have not uploaded to our website and social media accounts, so if you are looking for something specific or would like to see some more examples, please contact us so that we can search our photo files for some examples that might help you with your research.